How to Setup Reverse Proxy With Iis

How to Setup Reverse proxy with IIS I testing it on Server 2016 with IIS 10 Install IIS,URL _REWRITE, ARR Install IIS. Download and install URL Rewrite Module 2.1 Download and install ARR-Application-request-routing Setting Reverse Proxy Select Root level in IIS management Click ‘Application Request Routing Cache’,then in the

Kvm Virtualization 01 Introduction

KVM virtualization-01 Introduction Today we are start to learn kvm virtulization After try to find which is the right open source virtulization solution,which include Bhyver, Trolin/smartos, ovirt, OpenStack. Openstack is too heavy and it is suitable for you have thousands of host to managament. bhyver is base freebsd, and it has a web managment system named Clonos which write by a russian Less support. smartos/Trolin is a opensolaris base .

Building Network With Vyos 01---Basic Installing and Configuration

Building Network With Vyos.-.01.Basic Installing and Configuration Vyos is a debian base router. it is fork form vyatta core.It is very stable and fast router OS. It hasn’t web UI, but only command line configration just like JUNOS. At now, vyos version will be vyos version 1.2 released. I will wirte the turtural with vyos 1.2RC4. Install vyos Download vyos form the office website: Download Link: vyos-1.2.0-rc-4-amd64 Write iso image to usb disk Linux and Mac: ddi if=vyos-1.

How to Install Dotnetcore2.1.x and Asp.net21.x on RHEL6.x CENTOS6

How to install netcore/aspnetcore 2.1.4 on RHEL 6.8 Recently days, we met a scenario that is our client production environment must be RHEL 6.8. But our product is base core 2.1.x version. Rehat and Microsoft has never say the are support RHEL 6.X version. After a few days research, I found that .net core website is support RHEL 6.X,but no runtime.We can download install SDK to support core. And you know what?

How to Build Blog With Hugo on Github

Hugo on your MacOS Setting github create a repo named blogs for store hugo programes. Create another repo named to host websit. generate ssh key and regist it on github settings. Install hugo brew install hugo Create a blog site. hugo new site blogs init git cd blogs git init #Add remote repo. git remote add origin #Add a theme for your hugo. git submodule add -b master


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step THis a blog to be build as my knowleage base.

GCVPN Settings Location Remote Gateway Key Exchange version Description Phase1 Authentication method Negotiation mode My identifier Peer identifier Pre-shared key Encryption algorithm Hash algorithm DH key group Lifetime Shanghai

No. Name IP Address ISP Info Location comments Status 01 GCXA China Mobile Guangdong Xi’an Shaanxi , China china mobile network Disuse 02 GCXA2 ipsec vpn on anlai vpn Enzu Dallas Texas , United States Disuse 03 GCXA3 CN2 network China Telecom Quanzhou Fujian , China Using 04 GCXA4 Telstra network Superhub Hong Kong , China Using 05 GCXA5 1.

#英特尔软件和数据中心版固态硬盘的安全漏洞 Intel SSD DC S4500. Credit: Intel 自从2018年被发现熔断(Meltdown)和幽灵(Spectre)漏洞以来,英特尔一

How to Deploy Docker in Debian 10

How to deploy docker in debian 10 cat << EOF > /etc/docker/aemon.json\n{\n "registry-mirrors": [""]\n}\n\nEOF systemctl retart docker systemctl restart docker Install docker-compose sudo curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/docker-compose /usr/bin/docker-compose