Building Network With Vyos.-.01.Basic Installing and Configuration

Vyos is a debian base router. it is fork form vyatta core.It is very stable and fast router OS. It hasn’t web UI, but only command line configration just like JUNOS.

At now, vyos version will be vyos version 1.2 released. I will wirte the turtural with vyos 1.2RC4.

Install vyos

Write iso image to usb disk

  • Linux and Mac:
ddi if=vyos-1.2.0-rc-4-amd64.iso of=/dev/$yourusbdisk bs=1M
  • Windows:
  1. download Rufus: rufus
  2. select dd mode to write disk.

Install vyos with wizard.

  1. press F11 or set COMS to boot from usb.

  2. Enter Default username and password to login livecd.

vyos login: vyos Password: vyos

## Write image to local driver:

install image
  • Reboot System to boot from local disk.
reboot now

Basic Command

vyos command line include 2 mode: Operation mode and configure mode.

  • Operation Mode shell command start with $. These command usually show sysytem. information,reboot/shutdown system.

  • Configure Mode shell command start with #. These command usually change configuration of vyos.

Operation Mode

# Enter configure mode

#Exit to operation Mode
#Check vyos version
show version
#Check vyos running time
show system uptime
#Check system time and timezone
show date
#Reboot system
reboot now
#Shutdown System
poweroff now
#upgrade system image version
add system image $URL_or_path

#Reset configuration
# Enter config mode
#loading default configure
load /opt/vyatta/etc/config.boot.default  
# commit loading default configure

# save to default boot configure file.

#Exit configure mode

#Reboot system now to finish loading default configuration.
reboot now