How to install Elasticflow

Today, i found a good software that is Elasticflow. It is so perfect for us to monitor status of our networking. So I tried to install it will docker-compose way. You know what, after servial hours, fixed a lot bugs it works.

Download and modified docker-compose.yml for elasticflow

# Download `docker-compose.yml` for elasticflow

# version 3.5.2 is now existed. So we need change it to `3.5.1`
sed -i 's/robcowart/elastiflow-logstash-oss:3.5.2/robcowart/elastiflow-logstash-oss:3.5.1/g' -i docker-comopse.yml

#Change volumes from `/var/lib/elastiflow_es to current folder`
sed -i 's/\/var\/lib\/elastiflow_es/.\/elastiflow_es/g'  docker-compose.yml

# Create data folder and change folder permission.
mkdir elastiflow_es
chown -R 1000:1000 ./elastiflow_es

Up and run

docker-compose up -d 

Then we can access elasticflow via browser http://<elastciflow_host_ip>:5601