Hugo on your MacOS

  • Setting github
  1. create a repo named blogs for store hugo programes.
  2. Create another repo named to host websit.
  3. generate ssh key and regist it on github settings.
  • Install hugo
brew install hugo

  • Create a blog site.

hugo new site blogs

  • init git

cd blogs
git init
#Add remote repo. 
git remote add origin
#Add a theme for your hugo.
git submodule add -b master themes/jane
cp -r themes/jane/exampleSite/content ./
cp themes/jane/exampleSite/config.toml ./

  • Test hugo at local.
hugo server

Change configure

  • Modifiy vi config.toml
#Change URL
baseURL = ""

#Change Title
title = "Steve Dong - A System Administrator's Blog"

#Change theme to jane
theme = "jane"

#How many pages will be displayed on homepage.
pageinate = 15

# Display how many pages will be displayed on archive page.
archive-paginate = 50

#RSS limite.
rssLimit = 50

#google analytics related
googleAnalytics= "UA-xxxxxxxx-X"

# Chang author
name = "Steve Dong"

 # Commit the meanu "External Link"
 #  name = "MyGitHub"
 #  weight = 50
 #  url = ""
 #Change Site creation time
 	since = "2018"
	logoTitle= "Steve Dong"
	keywords = ["network", "devops', "System Administrator"]

Add syntax highlight

vi config.toml


pygmentsCodefences = true #高亮markdown的代码块
pygmentsCodefencesGuessSyntax = true #高亮markdown中没有标注语言的代码块
pygmentsStyle = 'manni' #高亮主题

Deploy your blog to github

  • Add repo of blog website.
git submodule add --force -b \ 
  master public  
  • Run hugo to generate your blog website.

    hugo server


  • publish your website

    cd public
    git add.
    git commit -m "YOUR COMMIT MESSAGE"
    git push origin master
  • Backup your hugo blog to github

    cd ..
    git add.
    git commit -m "YOUR COMMIT MESSAGE"
    git push origin master


Add a comment

Since theme jane has support utterances, we just need to enable utterances apps in github and configure it in config.toml in hugo.

  • Create a repo to storage comment. like “blogcomment”.

  • enable utternaces apps.

    1. click utterances app
    2. Auth utterances to your github repo “blogcomment”.
  • edit blogs/config.toml and append follow lines.


[params.utteranc] enable = true repo=“echowings/blogcomment” issueTerm=“pathname”

### Download git and rebuild blog environment

``` zsh
git pulll

#if public already exsited  run `rm public`
git submodule add --force -b master public


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  2. hugo-theme-jane/dev-config.toml
  3. 如何在github.io搭建Hugo博客站
  4. 用chroma进行语法高亮