How to change Network settings of proxmox-ve host without rebooting.

Eache time when I want to change network settings like change netowrks and I must reboot to apply it. It is really trouble me.


Proxmox VE is based on debian. After check interface of network with the path /etc/network/

I found that each time when i change network settings. There will be a named created and it content new network settings wait for apply when i reboot. So I try to backup the old networking interfaces settings and replace it with the new file.

Manual change

  • Backup interfaces
cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.old

  • Copy to interface
cp /etc/network/ /etc/network/interfaces

  • Reboot networking service

systemctl restart networking

Scirpt change

mv interfaces interfaces.backup && mv interfaces && systemctl restart networking.service